Looking Back

As I sit back and enjoy the quiet solitude, I fondly remember the morning times of chaos and craziness.  Raising two sons who are only one year apart was sometimes challenging and most times rewarding.  Mornings were especially trying because neither one of my boys liked to move quickly in the morning.  As organized as I seemed, with backpacks by the door, lunches made and in the refrigerator and shoes and clothes ready something always seemed to slow us down.  Sometimes it felt as if I was herding cattle or running a marathon every morning to get us to school and work.

Out of the past and into the present, my sons have both moved into their own homes and both are planning weddings.

Solitude is nice, but sometimes it would be fun to have a little chaos and craziness back.  I miss it!


4 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. You remind me that I should be in the moment and appreciate the chaos and craziness of having two children around. Enjoy your solitude–someday soon you will have the craziness and chaos of grandchildren.


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