Life is like a box of chocolates

To quote Forest Gump, life is like a box of chocolates.  Good or bad every experience is  a learning experience.  When I get a box of candy I always look for the cheat sheet to tell me what each piece is so that I can eat my favorites first.  My best friend always tells me to just take one piece of candy  and try to enjoy it for what it is.  Life is like that as well.  Sometimes it would be easier just to do what you like, but in most cases some of the best experiences have been something you never would have chosen.  Who knew that a box of chocolate could be so smart.  Now if only I was as smart as that box of chocolates.


4 thoughts on “Life is like a box of chocolates

  1. Good to see you on here! I always eat the same piece of chocolate everytime I get a box…I wish I could try new ones and enjoy them for what they are…same for trying new things in life.


  2. The simile to chocolate is fantastic. Yes, some of my best experiences have happened when I didn’t choose them. BTW–Did you post this to the Slicing page? I looked for you, but may have missed it if you did!


  3. I love that chocolate cheat sheet!!! I just don’t want to waste my time with a piece of chocolate that I’m going to end up throwing away. Your best friend give good advice. Words to follow, for sure! Welcome to slicing!! It’s going to be a great month!


  4. For sure! Whenever I had a commitment or event that I didn’t really want to attend, my mom used to tell me that those were the ones that you usually ended up having the most fun at. She was always right!


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