Days off

Most of us were off today to celebrate Pulaski Day.  This is one of those days off that are not really a holiday.  The post office and banks still work, traffic is a little better and federal and state agencies are still working.  This makes it the perfect day to get all of those put off jobs done.  The best part is I did all of those jobs in my fuzzy slippers and my heavy bathrobe.  I made appointments, took care of some banking that could not be completed online and went to the DMV to get the stickers for my husbands truck and my car.   After all of that I was able to work on one  my favorite things quilting.  It also made me think of my mom, she always liked days like today.  She would always say it was easier to go to the show or to a store because everyone wasn’t off.  It wasn’t too crowded.  Even as we got older, she still insisted that at least part of the day we try to have fun and do something we never have time to do.  Oh, by the way that is why I haven’t finished grading all of the papers I brought home to grade today.  Ah, tomorrow is another day.


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