Excuses, excuses

We all have excuses for something, not losing weight, going to the gym or whatever.  I believe we start having excuses in childhood.  I sort of remember having excuses for not bring home something from school or not doing my chores.  After becoming a teacher and teaching many different grades and subjects I am sure children have the best excuses.   They have excuses for everything.  Sometimes I think some kids just give an excuse because it is easier than telling the truth.  I find that the students who tell me the best excuses are usually trying to get out of something, homework, classwork, or even a consequence.  I feel that I should have been writing down some of the best excuses through the years so in my retirement I could write a book and millions.  Ha ha!


6 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses

  1. Haha! If only our kiddos would put as much effort into completing the assignment as they did creating the excuse for not doing the assignment! I love your book idea 🙂


  2. Children do have the best excuses, don’t they? Even my own 3 yr old has an excuse for not cleaning up after herself (her legs are tired). Love how you find the humor in them!


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