Day 2

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I thought I did it correctly, but found out I did not. Today will be better (at least I hope so). Today as I was driving into school I thought about the saying “in like lion, out like a lamb” and wondered just who said it. As life would have it I did not have time to research this phrase as much as I would have liked. Yet, there is something so true about it. Yesterday, the first day of March was cold, windy and snowy. Brutal! As the month progresses the weather usually becomes milder and much easier to deal with. Less wearing of sweaters, boots and winter coats and more sunny days and the feel of spring. I know most of us complain about the weather, but I think if I lived in a place where there were not four distinct seasons I would feel as if I were being cheated. I like looking forward to something different.


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