Deceiving (or just stretching the truth)?

Yesterday, I had several students having meltdowns about the PARCC unit 2 math test. Some of my students have trouble when it comes to tests on a regular basis, so I knew I had to do something to make them feel better. As we entered the classroom after P.E. I asked them to come to the carpet. As we sat down I told them that I heard a secret and did not want them to share it with anyone else. I whispered that a friend of mine who is a teacher in fourth grade in another school had her students take the unit 2 math test and they told her it was so much easier than the first test. That they had already learned almost all of what was on it. My students were relieved. We started the test and my students were not nearly as nervous. When the test ended and we met again on the carpet I asked if they thought the test was easier. Several told me that they only were not sure of one or 2 questions and the rest were a breeze. Some whispered, “can your teacher friend find out about the rest of the math test before we take those?” I replied, “I will see what I can do.” I have no idea what was on that test, but if my students felt confident going into the test I feel that the “lie” or “deception” was worth it. Just a crazy thought.


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