Day 2

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I thought I did it correctly, but found out I did not. Today will be better (at least I hope so). Today as I was driving into school I thought about the saying “in like lion, out like a lamb” and wondered just who said it. As life would have it I did not have time to research this phrase as much as I would have liked. Yet, there is something so true about it. Yesterday, the first day of March was cold, windy and snowy. Brutal! As the month progresses the weather usually becomes milder and much easier to deal with. Less wearing of sweaters, boots and winter coats and more sunny days and the feel of spring. I know most of us complain about the weather, but I think if I lived in a place where there were not four distinct seasons I would feel as if I were being cheated. I like looking forward to something different.


Another March and slicing season. Last year I felt that I would be embarassed if I sliced. I was assured by many people that it did not matter, just go for it. I did and I really enjoyed it. Today as I sat down to write my mind is swirling with ideas and thoughts. I need to sit down and sort through the thoughts and ideas to organize and focus.


Snowy Monday

What a sight, the snowy morning that greeted me this morning.  It sure doesn’t take much time to get out the warm weather gear and put away the snow boots.  Well as usual, I needed to go to the back of my closet and get out the snow boots.  When will I learn, Illinois always gives us snow in March, sometimes in April as well.  Please, learn from my mistakes.  It is very sad to pull out the boots after you have put them away for the season.

You know you are getting old when…

You know  you are getting older when you don’t want to get off work and get a green beer.  You know you are getting older when midnight seems to late to stay for.  You know you are getting older when you need to go out after dinner so you can be home and in bed by a decent hour.  Yes, some of you who are reading this are laughing, but I promise you just a few short years ago I would have been laughing too.  I try not to think of it as getting older, I try to think of it as getting wiser.  Oh, wait, you get wiser with age. DARN!  I guess its the truth, I am getting older.

Just another Tuesday

Tuesday, just a day that everyone needs to get through.  Its not a MONDAY, ugh!  It’s not hump day, like Wednesday.  Even Thursday has a better reputation, its the day before Friday. So, we need to do something to make Tuesday a little better.  My choices, the day before hump day or thank goodness it not Monday.

Books that touch the heart

We just started the writing unit on realistic fiction.  So I read one of my favorite books, Thank You, Mr. Falker  by Patricia Polaccco to the class.  Each time I read this book I get choked up at the end about how someone could go until 5th grade without reading and then becoming one of the best (yes, my opinion) children’s book authors.  It is wonderful how she overcame a learning issue and went on to do great things.  This book touched many of my students hearts.  It also made them see the difference between just telling something and making it a story.  If you have never read the book, read it, it is very inspirational.